Unforgettable Moments in Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing History

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Unforgettable Moments in Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing History

Initiated in the year 1949, Grand Prix Motorcycle racing is a leading road racing sport today’s date. With the advancement of technology, everything about bikes and their riding tactics has evolved. Everything has changed over the years, be it the engine specifications, the bike’s looks, the tire’s strength, the tracks, and even the rider’s safety equipment. However, the best grand prix motorcycle moments are immutable.

The best grand prix motorcycle moments are Lorenzo against Rossi, the youngest ever premier-class winner, The first win Ducati, 2003 Rossi riding at 100, The rivalry, Quartararo’s pole celebration, and legends together. All these moments hold a special place in the hearts of motorcycle racing audiences.

This article will discuss how and why these are considered the best grand prix motorcycle moments.

Moment 1: Lorenzo against Rossi, 2009

When Yamaha selected Jorge Lorenzo at the beginning of 2008, Valentino Rossi became unhappy. He knew Lorenzo, the 250cc world champion, would be the first team player to challenge him on the track. Just after 5 races in the 2009 racing season, when Lorenzo was ahead of Rossi on the leaderboard, his fear came true. The duel occurred in Barcelona, where Rossi won the championship in a grand style by making an outstanding pass at the high-speed end turn. All this happened in a period of a millisecond. Later Lorenzo shifted from Yamaha to Ducati at the end of 2010 due to his increasing fame. So now you know how important every second is in motorcycle racing history. 

Moment 2: Youngest ever premier-class winner, 2013

Marc Márquez, who debuted in MotoGP in Qatar, won the COTA in the USA. Among the numerous best grand prix motorcycle moments, this one has a separate place in everyone’s hearts. This was Márquez’s first victory ever, making him the youngest player, taking over the mantle from the legendary Freddie Spencer.

Between 2013 and 2019, Marc won 6 prizes apart from 2015, when Honda’s engine specifications were wrong. Marc also won the MotoGP world championship against the American legend Kenny Roberts. Both racers displayed unique techniques in this road racing like never before.

Moment 3: The first win of Ducati, 2003

The introduction of Ducati into MotoGP in 2003 had a major impact on the racing arena. The Ducati Desmosedici’s first victory came at Suzuka with the riders Troy Bayliss and Loris Capirossi. After 10 weeks in Barcelona, Capirossi triumphed in a dramatic race against Honda competitors Rossi and Gibernau.

That year Ducati won its very first MotoGP triple crown. 

Barcelona 2003: when Capirossi tamed the wild Ducati

source - https://motosprint.corrieredellosport.it/news/english-version/motogp/2021/04/13-4112989/barcelona_2003_when_capirossi_tamed_the_wild_ducati

Moment 4: Riding at 100, 2003

Valentino Rossi got a 10-second penalty in Phillip Island during the 2003 MotoGP. At first, he did not understand that he got a penalty. He processed this fact after his team informed him of it over the pit board. When the realization finally dawned upon him, he ignored the penalty and continued in the race.

Rossi broke away from the pack on his Honda RC211V and crossed the finish line fifteen seconds before Loris Capirossi. This was the first time he completed the round at 100% to win the title in 5 seconds. This made this race one of the best grand prix motorcycle moments in racing history.

Moment 6: The rivalry

The chief rival of Marc Marquez was Andrea Dovizioso. This rivalry lasted from 2017 to 2019. During this period, Spain enjoyed some classic domination duels. Although Marquez was more talented, Dovizioso always found a way to emerge victorious. Dovizioso came to be known as the late-breaker. 

Clash of the styles: Marquez vs Dovizioso | MotoGP™

source - https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/10/07/clash-of-the-styles-marquez-vs-dovizioso/274133

This was because he would often put a decoy by breaking super late. Marquez was well versed in this habit of his rival, and he would always try to out-brake him. He would inevitably go wide, providing Dovizioso with the opening needed to cut back inside and reach the finishing line. With this trick, Dovioso had beaten Marquez in four races.

Moment 7: Quartararo’s pole celebration, 2019

Many spectators were stunned when Petronas Yamaha’s team hired a rookie as the rider even though he had only won a GP race. Fabio Quartararo’s career had gone through a roller coaster during Moto2 and Moto3, as many people were unsatisfied with his performance. 

Quartararo takes pole in Malaysia after Marquez crash

source - https://www.nst.com.my/sports/motor-sports/2019/11/535108/quartararo-takes-pole-malaysia-after-marquez-crash

The Frenchman took it upon himself to win back his lost image and performed spectacularly in his first MotoGP pole. He achieved his first win that year and secured the world title in 2021 for Team Yamaha.

Moment 8: Legends Together- Lorenzo, Márquez, and Rossi, 2015

Until 2015, The MotoGP world championship had turned ugly in its closing stages due to absurd reasons. Although it was one of the best grand prix motorcycle moments as it had

three immensely talented riders at their pinnacle of careers, out on the race course. 

Jorge Lorenzo had a horrible start at the beginning of that year. However, he geared up and took home seven victories. Marc Marquez won 5, and Valentino Rossi had four. What was more

remarkable was the attitude to Lorenzo as he wasn’t passed even once during any of those

seven wins.


Which motorcycle company is successful in MotoGP?

All motorcycle manufacturing companies have entered the MotoGP racing arena and have taken the victory with them many times. However, only eight were the most successful among these popular motorcycle brands. They are:  

  1. Ducati GP22 with 8 Wins
  2. Ducati GP21 with 10 Wins
  3. Ducati GP18 with 7 Wins
  4. Honda RC212V with 24 Wins
  5. Yamaha M1 with118 Wins
  6. RC211V with49 Wins
  7. Ducati GP7 with11 Wins
  8. Honda RC213V with81 Wins

At what speed does a Grand Prix Motorcycle run?

Depending upon the circuit, race track, and weather conditions, a usual MotoGP bike runs at an average speed of 165 to 190 Km/h. To visually experience their speed, you can watch the race streaming live exclusively for you on http://formula1streams.org/ 

What is more exciting: F1 or MotoGP?

The world-famous 3-time F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, publicly expresses his opinion on MotoGP and how it is a much more exciting option for all racers. This is clearly due to the option of racing closer to your rivals. He goes on to add that watching MotoGP is an enthralling experience overall. Click here to stream the matches online, that too for free.


Ultimately, all these matches form the best grand prix motorcycle moments in motorcycle racing history. Every match has its specialty. These were just a few of the best. What about the worst moments? Watch every second streaming live only on Formula1Stream.